Application of T-TECH tools -- Cleaning & Polishing
By Amber T-TECH | 07 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Application of T-TECH tools -- Cleaning & Polishing

Cleaning is often a chore. Different things require different cleaning accessories and polishing techniques. Let T-TECH Rotary Tool be your best partner. 

1.The Tools You Need.
enlightenedT-TECH rotary tool(Any style )

( Q0M-DC-3W )

For cleaning functions, cordless rotary tools are recommended. It is lighter and flexible to operate.
Voltage: 3.7V
No-load Speed: 5000-15000 RPM
Battery: Li-ion Battery 600mAh

2.Learning more about cleaning&polishing accessories

01.Felt wheel mandrel
02.Polishing wheel with shank: Use for metals and hard plastics
03.Felt polishing wheel: Ideal for polishing metals and plastics with polishing compound produces a high luster.
04.Rubber Polishing Points: For finishing and polishing metals, stones and ceramics. Removes small burrs and scratch marks.
05.Polishing compound: A solid compound. Use with felt or cloth accessories to polish metals and plastics. Compound will remove a dull oxidized film and light surface imperfections.
06.Brushes: Can use with polishing compound. On the toughest jobs. Use for de-burring metal or wood and for removing rust and paint.
07.Polishing cloth: Polishing it to high luster and smooth.

3.How to Attach Polishing Accessories

01.Press down the spindle locking button, un screw the black nut;
02.Insert the polishing accessory you need;
03.Hold the lock button and screw the nut tightly;
04.Press the locking button and unscrew nut to take off the accessory after use.

4.Start daily cleaning

Install your accessory and use the rotary tool to clean the area that needs polishing or cleaning.

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