Refreshing the old furniture tips--Sanding and Cleaning
By Amber T-TECH | 04 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Refreshing the old furniture tips--Sanding and Cleaning

Are you still troubled by old doors and windows and furniture? This article will take you to learn all about sanding wood and different types of metal. Look no further: our step-by-step guide will help you improve your sanding skills to get the job done. It help you to repair your old furniture at home without having to find a professional.

1. The Tools You Need
enlightenedT-TECH rotary tool(Any style )
( Picture:DM-170 )
enlightenedAccessories:Sanding Drum, Sanding Paper, Sanding Band, Sanding Disc, Felt Polishing Wheel, Brushes, Grinding Stone
Different Accessories need to be choose for different materials. 

2. Start Restoring Old Things

enlightenedBefore you start sanding, please take care of yourself first - a pair of safety glovesto protect your hands from cuts and bruises. Goggles and a dust mask are also important – you don’t want to be breathing in Tiny wood chips (or getting it anywhere near your eyes).

enlightenedThen you can start your work
       First, you’ll want to check your furniture for wood rot. If the wood is rotted, it needs to be removed in time.
       Second, you can use T-TECH sandpaper or feit wheel to remove dust, old paint or metal rust---Cleaning.
       Third, this is the most important step---Sanding
       Starting with a low RPM and light pressure, sanding furniture with sand band, and use grinding stone to assist in grinding coner areas. For wood, Sanding helps to smooth the surface and bring out the beauty of the wood’s natural grain. At the same time, it can also improve the uneven marks on the surface of object.
(Tips: The sanding accessories you use depends on the sanding surface. Fine sandpaper: sanding hard wood. The most important thing to know: The higher the sandpaper’s grit, the smoother the result. The smaller and more packed together the particles, the finer the grit.)

enlightenedWhen all work is over, it is necessary to use T-TECH felt polishing wheel or damp rag to clean up the dust produced by the sanding again. After the furniture surface is dry, You can repaint your furniture to extend its life and keep it beautiful

That's all for today!

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