How to do DIY on wood?
By Amber T-TECH | 01 June 2022 | 0 Comments

How to do DIY on wood?

Are you still worried that your creative ideas has nowhere to go?
In fact, all you need is a piece of wood and a perfect set of crafting tools. T-TECH has more than 19 years of experience in DIY power tools production. Let's help you get started.

1.Preparation before creation

'A good beginning means a good ending.'  So preparation is essential. But you don't need to make much preparation in the pre-creation. Here's what you'll need if you're just starting out:
- Choose the cleanest wood
- Choose T-TECH rotary tool set 
- Get a pen and paper ready

2.Choose T-TECH rotary tool set 

T-TECH DM-130 is recommended for beginners.
- Power:135W
- Voltage:120V~60Hz / 230V~50Hz
- No-load Speed:10000-32000/min

The DM-130 is equipped with 60 accessories for multiple works such as engraving, polishing, cleaning, sanding, drilling and cutting
For this engraving, The DM-130 comes with a Flexible Shaft which is very friendly for beginners.  It's so comfortable that you don't want to put it down. The Flexible Shaft minimizes the weight of the original T-TECH rotary tool and making it more flexible, lightweight, easy to use and suitable for more precise work like engraving, carving, etching, and polishing – perfect for engraving wine glasses and wood  
Helpful Tip: When working, try to fully expand the flexible shaft. to do it better
Now that you’ve got the right tools for the job and wood that’s ready to be engraved, you’re probably itching to get started. Before you do, how to do it better? First, please take care of yourself first - a pair of safety glovesto protect your hands from cuts and bruises. Goggles and a dust mask are also important – you don’t want to be breathing in Tiny wood chips (or getting it anywhere near your eyes). Please remember safety first before creating anything.

Secondly, your woodcarving piece might change as you continue, but at the start it’s important to design the pattern you need on paper and then draw it on wood with a pencil.
It will be even easier to help keep you on track when you engrave the wood

Last, take things slowly and try to enjoy each step of the process.  When you hold your finished piece you'll be glad you took your time.

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