Application of T-TECH tools -- Cutting
By Amber T-TECH | 06 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Application of T-TECH tools -- Cutting

Have you decided you’d like to try your hand at improving your home by learning more about cutting? Next will teach you how to choose different accessories according to different materials.

1.The Tools You Need
enlightenedT-TECH rotary tool(Any style )

     Voltage: 8V
     No-load Speed: 5000-30000/min
     Battery: Li-ion Battery 2000Ah
     No-load Speed:10000-32000/min
     Voltage:120V~60HZ / 230V~50HZ
     Power: 200W
     No-load Speed:10000-40000/min
     Voltage:120V~60HZ / 230V~50HZ

2.Learning more about cutting accessories

enlightenedAccessories are the things that help your project go that little bit more smoothly. Which accessory depends on the project, and the kind of material you’re cutting. T-TECH Multipurpose Cutting Kit is the perfect option for repetitive cuts.

01.Cut-off Wheels Mandrel: Be used with cut-off wheels, fiberglass wheels, sanding disc and polishing wheels.
02&06.Diamond Wheel: For cutting hard materials, such as marble, concrete,brick,wood.
03.Rip/Crosscut Blade: for use with mini saw attachment.
04.Cut-off Wheels: For cutting metal,light wood and plastic.
05.Fiberglass wheel: For cutting small rods, tubing, cable and metal.
07.Cutting Bits: Cutting wood, plastic,fiberglass and drywall.

3.protect yourself
enlightenedBefore you do, how to do it better? First, please take care of yourself first - a pair of safety glovesto protect your hands from cuts and bruises. Goggles and a dust mask are also important – you don’t want to be breathing in Tiny wood chips (or getting it anywhere near your eyes). Please remember safety first before creating anything.

4.Start practicing cutting
enlightenedBe sure to practice a few times before starting a project. Find the cutting touch and keep your hands steady to avoid cutting failure.


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